1.  Reinforcement of the teaching staff and research capabilities DADCSI to efficiently undertake it's postgraduate (Diploma, M.Sc. and Ph.D.) and servicing programs in desertification and desert cultivation (DDC).

2.   Development of qualified staff in DDC to effectively contribute to the national, sub-regional and regional efforts on combating desertification.

3.   Implementation of coordinated sub-regional research projects in DDC, ensuring that they are integrated within the National Action Program (NAP) of the different countries.

4.   Promotion of coordinated sub-regional research projects ensuring that they are integrated within the framework of the Sub-Regional Action Programs (SRAP).

5.  Establishment of National Network of DDC research and awareness unit including National Universities, Research Corporations, Centers and units of the various sectors.

6.  Establishment of Regional/Sub-Regional Network of DDC Research Units including Universities of Regional/Sub-Regional Countries.

7.  Dissemination of research results and contribution to public awareness programs in DDC domains.

8.  Establishment of documentation and bank of information service unit and render it.

9.  Development of good relations and academic links with institutions, organizations and NGOs concerned at national, sub-regional, regional and international levels.

10. Cooperation and coordination with the concerned sectors, institutions, NGOs and CBOs in formulating, executing, monitoring and evaluation of NAP.

Long-term objectives

1.  Development of specific, effective and coordinated activities, interventions and cooperation at all levels for achieving the objectives of the Chair.

2.  Strengthening the training and research capabilities of DADCSI and the departments, centers and Institutes in Universities contributing to the Chair research programs.

3.  Establishment of an International Center of excellence for postgraduate training, research and documentation of the domain of DDC.

Development of a pilot scheme (s) for testing, validating and demonstrating the use of modern technology in combating desertification