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Prof. Ibrahim Abdalla Ayed (Editor– in–Chief)

Prof. Mukhtar Ahmed Mustafa (Associate Editor)

Dr. Eltayeb Elhag Ali Ahmed (Managing Editor)


Prof. Hamid Osman Burhan

Prof. Abdelmohsin Hassan El-Nadi

Prof. Ali Taha Ayoub

Prof. Salaheldin Goda

Prof. Ahmed Ali Mahdi

Prof. Ahmed Suliman El-Wakeel

Prof. Mubarak Abdelrahman Abdalla






Identification and Mapping of Abandoned Agricultural Land Using Remote Sensing Imagery; Gadarif Region, Sudan

Hussein Mohamed Sulieman






Monitoring Vegetation Degradation as Indicator of Desertification in Sudan Using NDVI data (1993-2003)

Nadir Abdul Hameed Mohamed Etegani Mohamed Salih

Anwar Sheikheldeen Abdu




Determinants of Adoption of Environment Conservation Innovations by Agro-Pastoralists in the Central Butana Region, Sudan


Awadalla Mohamed Saeed and Abdelmoneim Awadalla Babiker




Assessment and Mapping of Wind Erodibility of Aridisols and Entisols in the Nile State, Sudan


Abdelmonim Ahmed Hassan and Mukhtar Ahmed Mustafa




Water Use Efficiencies of Gezira, Rahad and New Halfa Irrigated Schemes under Sudan Dryland Condition


Ali Widaa Mohammed Elamin Amir Bakheit Saeed and Adam Boush



The Impact of Irrigation Frequency and Farmyard manure on Wheat Productivity on a Saline-sodic Soil in Dongola,

the Northern State, Sudan

Elmoiez Lidin Allah Mohamed Fadul and Mukhtar Ahmed Mustafa







Analysis of Land Use/Land Cover Changes in Elodaiya, Kordofan, Sudan, Using Remote Sensing and GIS


Adam Yousif Mahmoud Atia, Ibrahim Saeed Ibrahim,   Mohamed Salih Dafalla, and Elmar Csaplovics




Evaluation of Seeding Grasses and Legumes in Mixtures and in Pure Stands with Chemical Fertilization on Deteriorated Rangelands in Blue Nile State, Sudan


EL Tom Elsadig Ali Nawal Bashir Abbas and Salah Eltom Elameen




A Note on Seed Germination of Different Genotypes of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Under Different Dilutions of Red Sea Water


Eltayeb Elhag Ali Ahmed and Hayder Yousuf.Ahmed.Yousuf



A Note on the Effect of Green and Farmyard Manures on Wheat (Triticum aestivum – L) Yield in the Desert Plain Soils of the New Hamdab scheme, Northern State, Sudan


Imran Ali Ahmed, Muawia El-Bedawi Hamad and Habiballa Abdelhafiz Mohamed



A Note on the Effect of Heat Stress on Growth and Fruiting of Three Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Landraces from Sudan*


Aida Ali Elsharief, Eltayeb Elhag Ali Ahmed and Mustafa Mohamed Ali Elballa