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‌‌Asses Assessment of Land Resources Poteniality

for Agricultural Development at Wadi Al-Mogadam Area, Sudan


El-Abbas Doka Mohamed Ali and Amna Ahmed Hamid








Assessment and Mapping of Wind Erodibility of Soils of

South Western Kassala State in Sudan


Intisar Al-Mamoon Abdel-Gadir, Mukhtar Ahmed Mustafa and El-Tayeb Ganawa






Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts of Wadi Abu Soueid Water Harvesting and Spreading Project in Khartoum State, Sudan


Awadalla Mohamed Saeed and Somia Ahmed Hassan Ehimer







Sudan Rainfall Trends: A Reversible Drop or a Part of a Persistent Climate Change


Habiballa Abdelhafiz Mohamed






Corchorus depressus (Umsiteih) a Potential Plant for Sand Dune Fixation: Growth in Sandy Soil under Conditions of Water Scarcity


Jamal Hajer Hassan Mohamed and Eltayeb Elhag Ali Ahmed






Assessment of Wind Erosion in Bare and Lucerne-cultivated Lands in South East Atbara, River Nile State, Sudan


Motasim Hyder Abd Elwahab and Mukhtar Ahmed Mustafa






Change in Ground Cover and Identification of Endangered Range Plant Species in North Kordofan State, Sudan


Elnazeir Mohammed Dawelbait, Abdelrahman Ahmed Khatir and Ahmed Mohammed Morakaah









Effect of Distance from Water Points on Some Vegetation Attributes and Carrying Capacity in Rangeland at Um Kaddada locality in North Darfur State, Sudan


Eltom Elsadig Ali and Mohammed Ahmed Hassan




Composition of Famine Foods in Elmalha, North Darfur


Siddig Adam Bakheit and Idris Mohamed Nur







A Note on the Effect of Heat Stress and Heat Shock on Growth of Three Landraces of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) from Sudan


Aida Ali Elsharief, Eltayeb Elhag Ali Ahmed

And Mustafa Mohamed Ali Elballa