Applied research
The scientific studies and research concrete on issues and problems of land degradation.
• Assessment of desertification in the affected areas of Sudan
• Application of some indicators necessary for assessment and monitoring of desertification
Ongoing Research
Soil characterization of selected private farms, south of Khartoum State, Sudan.
Research Facilities
The institute has a number of essential facilities for laboratory and field research:

  • Computer Unit.
  •  Laboratory for Soil, water and plant analysis.
  • Experimental farm, western, Omdurman, Arid zone.

Research Themes

  • Assessment and Mapping of Wind Erosion in Northeast Butana area, Sudan.
  • Mapping vegetation degradation in Sudan using NDVI Data (1993- 2003).
  • Land use patterns as impact of desertification, case study North Khartoum, Sudan Monitoring desertification Using Remote Sensing technique west Omdurman, Sudan.Assessment and Mapping of wind Erodibility of soils from the Nile State Using GIS techniques, Sudan.
  • Appraisal of water Quality of the Red Sea and Prospect of its using for irrigation.