Current Research areas:

  1. Monitoring and evaluation of afforestation - agro forestry activity in Sudan.
  2. Field Establishment of tree shrub/ species in dry zones of Sudan.
  3. Impact of reforestation on degraded agricultural lands of Sudan.
  4. Bio- invertigations into the gum Cultivation cycle.
  5. Shelter belt effects.

Future Research projects:

  1. Species Trials
  2. Short, medium and long - term assessment of local tree /shrub growth performance in dry zones of the Sudan.
  3. Introduction of drought - to lerent exotic tree /shrub species for prospective planting in the field with the object of shelter belts, sand dune fixation, erosion control and general afforestation .
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of suitable agro forestry tree species for sustainable agriculture , food security and poverty alleviation.
  5. Demontraion shelter-belts.